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ClariSafe Medical Color Label Printer

Auxiliary Pharmacy Labels
Prescription Labels
Medication Images
Compounding Labels
Anesthesia Labels and more!

All in full color for increased clarity and patient safety
From $850.25*

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A Custom Healthcare Label Color Printer That Improves Patient Safety

Prescription labels and instructions can be difficult to read and understand. Powered by HP Inkjet Technology, the ClariSafe medical color printer enables you to reduce the risk of medication errors by printing clear, crisp, easy to read pharmacy and prescription labels in color to your patients. Its print resolution also gives you the ability to print high quality graphics, alpha-numerics and 1D, 2D and 3D color barcodes. Easy to use and maintain, the ClariSafe hardware, firmware and software easily integrates into your practice.

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Watch video on how ClariSafe medical color label printer improves the printing of prescription labels.

ClariSafe Medical Color Prescription Label Printer Highlights

  • Enables depiction of medication images on label with higher resolution printing
  • Print auxiliary warning labels on demand
  • Improves readability of prescription labels with a wide range of strikingly readable fonts
  • Enhances patient understanding of prescription labels with use of color coding
  • Supplements information on prescription labels with printing of 2D and 3D high capacity color barcodes

Sample Color Prescription Label

Sample Auxiliary Labels

Print medical labels on demand with the ClariSafe Catalog

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