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Side view of AIDA™ Syringe Color Labeling Device

AIDA Syringe Color Labeling Device

Automatically identifies drugs
Checks lot vs FDA database
Checks drug expiration date
Prints ASA / ASTM labels
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AIDA Syringe Color Labeling Device Highlights

Front view of AIDA™ Syringe Color Labeling Device
  • AIDA automatically prints color-coded syringe labels that meet ASTM and ASA requirements
  • AIDA uses an AI imaging algorithm to recognize the medication, it’s concentration and validate both the lot and expiration date of the drug to ensure it’s usability
  • AIDA’s color labels stand out due to their clear, tall man lettering, ensuring easy readability compared to handwritten labels
  • AIDA is 40% cheaper than other syringe labeling device and it is easier to install and use

I knew there had to be a better way to label syringes. With AIDA, it literally takes seconds to print anesthesia labels. Now I can spend more time focusing on my patients!

Rich Cessna, certified registered nurse anesthetist

AIDA has made an otherwise time consuming (yet critically important) anesthesia task very quick and efficient. The simplicity and dependability of this little workhorse is so impressive. No more “tiny hand writing” or sharpie-blurred labeling – it prints exactly what is required and nothing more, love it.

Adam Dalgleish, CRNA

I am so impressed with the technology advancement in AIDA. AIDA promotes medication safety, accuracy and compliance. I love having at my immediate disposal the option of quick and accurate medication labels printed in seconds. AIDA is user friendly and intuitive. It evens provides a complete FDA database right at the bedside!

Tammy Barrett, CRNA, MSA

Safety, right drug right dose, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, inventory control, and provider usage trending. All of these issues are aided by AIDA in a simple user interface I never thought I would experience in my career. I hope this becomes the norm at every anesthesia workstation.