Beverly Hospital Installs ClariSafe Color Label Printer in its Pharmacy

Beverly Hospital, like other small to midsize hospitals in the United States, processes about 2000 prescription orders per day.  About 250 of those orders or prescriptions require additional instruction labels such as “Look-alike Sound Alike”,  “For Oral Use Only”, “Protect From Light”,  “Shake Well and Keep In Refrigerator”.  Before the implementation of the ClariSaf” Color Labeling Solution, Beverly Hospital would get these auxiliary labels from 4 different label manufacturers.

“Sometimes we get them in a timely fashion; sometimes we don’t.  We don’t know who ordered what from whom or when it’s coming in.  It’s very challenging”, says Wayne Campbell, Director of Pharmacy of Beverly Hospital, in Montebello, California.

“When we surveyed the color label printer market a few years ago, we noticed that all of the color label printers were designed to print 4 inches and up and priced significantly above $1000”, says Alex Shafer, Director of New Business Development at Addmaster Corporation.  In their market research, Addmaster identified an unmet need in the on-demand color label printer market for a small lower-cost printer that can print color labels less than 4 inches wide and supplied with labels that can withstand water and chemicals used in the hospital environment.

To deliver the total solution, Addmaster partnered with HP and Neenah Paper.  With over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing inkjet printers for the financial market and with over 300,000 printers installed worldwide, John Clary, VP of Engineering at Addmaster, set his team to develop an inkjet color printer with a small footprint and a target street price of less than $1000.   Addmaster also partnered with Neenah Paper to come up with media coatings that would make labels that are both water and alcohol proof and can withstand boiling water and stay glued to syringes that are refrigerated for days.

Addmaster also saw the importance of NOT introducing a new work process in the hospital pharmacy environment.  Therefore, it created a software that mimics pharmacy personnel ordering from a catalogue and print the color labels they need when they need them.

“ClariSafe” can print all of my labels on-demand, any time I need them.  It prevents overstocking.  It prevents us from running out of labels and enables us to make special labels that are not available on the market” – Wayne Campbell, Director of Pharmacy, Beverly Hospital.